"My first weekend I took the car off the lot after about three hours when a prospective buyer told me we had a deal. She then backed out late Sunday. When I talked to the Auto Fair staff they advised me to take a deposit before removing it and keep the numbers of all interested callers, as well as other tips as I was driving it on to the lot. The next weekend I sold it as I was backing it into the parking place!!! They were friendly and supportive, and even had the paperwork necessary to initiate a deal. It was terrific!! "
--Lynne E.
Every Weekend Rain or Shine at Sierra College in Rocklin
"Thank you Sierra Auto Fair! I sold my vehicle in 2 days with no hassle or confusion and I contributed to the college as well!! THANKS AGAIN!"
-- Desiree F., Sacramento

Our COVID-19 operating plan, in order:



Let's keep your experience fun, safe, and stress-free:
Be sure to pre-register ahead all the way through until this website confirms your registration for EACH weekend individually. Please do not show up without pre-registering on this website for the specific weekend. Web Registration can be completed until 11:59pm Saturday for the current weekend, and is immediately available for check-in at the lot 4pm-10pm Fri or after 8am Sat.
Please send only 1 person up to our check-in area and give everyone, including our staff, 6 feet of distance. as per CDC guidelines.
Before arrival, please inform the person picking you up to wait in the lot to the left across the main campus driveway. Please do not have them follow you into the check-in area to right.
Have the confirmation barcode ready to scan before you approach the check-in area, either:
--a) Pulled up on smartphone in email we sent to the account email (fwd via email or screenshot & text the barcode if necessary), OR
--b) Login to www.SierraAutoFair.com on your smartphone and click on View Receipt under the vehcle listing, OR
--c) Have your emailed receipt with barcode printed out on paper.
Read our signs to make your arrival easy peasy both driving in and on foot approach to our office.
Cooperating with our team of hard working staff who are experienced at running this high traffic event will make this all fun with no hassle!
If you choose to arrive at 4pm Friday, expect a short line that looks really long spaced 6' apart. For no line, give it til 4:30.
The WHITE PAGE that prints at the kiosk contains a step-by-step checklist for you. Please follow it as soon as it prints!
Before you drop keys in the red tube, please be sure you are done with them. We will not be able to give them back to you right away due to sanitization procedures.
Check-in should as always take less than 5 minutes. Enjoy your weekend, we've got this!


Please observe 6 foot social distancing from everyone including our staff.
A staff member will open a vehicle for you when you ask at the office by key # posted in vehicle window. Masks are required to enter a vehicle.
They will unlock and open the door, then put down the driver's window. Masks are required to enter a vehicle.
To open the hood or start the engine, ask the staff member to do so for you at this time.
After our staff member releases the hood, you may lift it and inspect the engine compartment and oil dipstick.
Only 2 members of your party may sit down in the vehicle once our staff has stepped back 6 feet. Masks are required to enter a vehicle.
Please do not touch any interior surfaces. This is a chance to sit in the vehicle and give it "the smell test". Masks are required to enter a vehicle.
Deeper inspections, incuding testing the A/C, may be conducted once the owner is present. Masks are required to enter a vehicle.


Sierra Auto Fair is committed to living our values and doing the right thing, and acknowledges that for the foreseeable future we must normalize life with an appropriate and adapted level of vigilance that considers the health and safety of the most vulnerable members of our society. We will be following recommended guidance from the CDC and other agencies regarding cleaning and hygiene, social distancing, and other protocols,and will continue to modify our procedures accordingly. The Auto Fair process is perfect for the COVID-19 era because it inherently offers exclusive health and safety features that serve the personal and greater good:
•It allows necessary commerce to continue while simultaneously facilitating "social distancing" with customers spread out over our giant outdoor facility.
•Everyone can come and go as autonomously as they please
•Buyers can see vehicles in person yet without salespeople or showrooms
•Sellers can utilize web pre-registration and touchless "curbside" check-in.
•Buyers being are able to shop all in one location rather than going to numerous private dwellings and having contact with numerous individuals.
•Sellers having their vehicles screened in their absence rather than inviting numerous strangers to their dwelling who often turn out to not be interested.
•Offers the general public a safe and healthy physical and mental health outlet and a connection point as a community.

The Auto Fair serves as a conduit of essential commerce, whether it be front line or other workers in need of transportation, sellers trying to survive financially by selling assets, facilitating the purchase of a new vehicle which prevents the collapse of the auto industry, or the sale of recreational vehicles for the unimaginable myriad of reasons that such a purchase remains important to various individuals. So even though the Sierra College campus will remain officially closed to visitors at least through 2020, the Auto Fair will be open in its remote parking lots every weekend rain or shine. Any CDC, state, or local "large gathering" directives do not apply to the Auto Fair because the attendees are dispersed both over a large outdoor area, and over the course of an entire weekend, not all present at once. Demand remains strong in this segment of the economy, and we are proud to facilitate this vital commerce in a low-risk and healthy way. If you come with a little patience and understanding as to new procedures and are prepared to cooperate with our friendly, and dedicated staff, your experience will be as much fun as ever! Following is a summary of some of the steps we are taking to to conduct business in a socially responsible way, that prioritizes the health of our staff, customers, and the public at large:

• Sellers are requested to stay home if sick. We will not accept vehicles for display from symptomatic individuals.
• Buyers are requested to stay home if sick. Our staff will err on the side of safety by declining to assist individuals that in their opinion may be exhibiting symptoms. Masks are required to enter a vehicle and no touching of surfaces is permitted during our staff-led showings.

Touchless Curbside
• We are fortunate to have had a touchless check-in environment since 2005:
o Sellers must register over the internet and the person checking the vehicle in must bring their barcode (either on smartphone or printed) to scan at touchless check-in.
o Keys that are left with the Auto Fair are deposited into a touchless “Key Drop” tube.
• We no longer accept cash patment for the seller display fee. Customers who did not register ahead only have the option to swipe their own card as credit, not debit, thereby eliminating customer touch at payment stations, and eliminating the passing of any form of payment between customer and staff.
• Sellers have the option of leaving keys. Leaving keys is highly recommended as always, and we have implemented "touchless showings" as described above to facilitate this safely.
• Staff will exclusively be handling keys though the weekend.
• At pick up time, ID’s will be held up near a plexiglass shield between customer and staff member, and keys will be passed under the shield with no person-to-person contact.

Social Distancing
• We strongly encourage a handshake-free environment. How about an "air shake"?!
• Signage will remind people to keep a minimum six feet distance from others. This is extremely easy and comes naturally in the grid created by parked vehicles.
• We have implemented modified processes to maintain appropriate distance on our outdoor facility:
o Tape station has been re-constructed to provide six linear feet between dispensers.
o “Face to face” interaction with staff at kiosk is divided by a plexiglass shield.
• In the event of a line, customers will stand in a queue with 6 foot markers.
• One family/household at a time will be allowed into R.V.’s, with staff remaining guarding the doorway.

Employee Directives
• Staff members who are uncomfortable being at work can stay home.
• Staff who are ill are directed to stay home.
• Staff will have temperatures taken regularly and screened for symptoms at start of each shift.

Proactive Cleaning/Sanitization Measures
• Keys dropped into the touchless tube box will be put through a sanitization process.
• After this time, keys will only be touched by staff through the weekend.
• Staff will wash or sanitize hands upon each return from opening a vehicle.

Personal Protective Equipment
MASKS: Masks are required to enter a vehicle and no touching of surfaces is permitted during our staff-led showings. Outdoors, masks will be optional for both staff and customers, in consideration of the following facts:
• None of the CDC mask advisory contexts apply to the outdoor Auto Fair environment or locale: o The "CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings only in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”
• The Placer County health officer recommends that residents wear face coverings only "when maintaining 6 feet of physical distance in public is not possible.”
o Our predominant line of defenses are the ease of maintaining social distance and open air outdoor environment.
• Masks can do more harm than good if oxygen deprivation results in loss of conciousness, injury, or death, which requires serious consideration given the outdoor Auto Fair environment.
Please note these facts are presented not as advice, instruction, or argumentatively, but rather simply to explain why masks are at the individual's own discretion at this outdoor establishment, why our staff may not be wearing masks outdoors, and that we are basing our policies on the advise of official government advisories as any business must.

GLOVES: Deep research also went into the wisdom of wearing gloves. And again, despite popular culture arguments you may have seen, gloves don’t really protect the wearer since the coronavirus doesn’t seep in through the skin, they actually often spread disease since they are typically used incorrectly, and if they touch one thing then touch something else they’re potentially transmitting germs from one place to another. In practice wearing gloves also tends to provide a false sense of security that causes the wearer to take human liberties they otherwise would not, often at the expense of the wearer as well as those sharing surfaces with them. Here are some supporting facts:
•The CDC "doesn’t recommend the general public use gloves. Gloves can be a source of contamination, even for the wearer, if not properly removed." and it notes "COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets that can land on surfaces. If the wearer touches a variety of surfaces during the day while wearing the same pair of gloves, contamination can definitely be transmitted from one surface to another."
•The CDC’s online guide for glove use recommends wearing them when cleaning around or caring for someone who is sick. The CDC expressly notes gloves are a bad choice for running errands, and notes "The best way to protect yourself from germs when running errands and after going out is to regularly wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol".
•A 2019 study in the American Journal of Infection Control found that even 37% of health care workers using their trained multi-step glove removal technique contaminated themselves in the process.
Please note these facts are presented not as advice, instruction, or argumentatively, but rather simply to explain why our staff will typically not be wearing gloves and to explain the following procedures:
---•Gloves will be provided and required for staff at strategic times such as emptying trash receptacles. After that, gloves are to be immediately removed and disposed of.
---•Regular and routine hand-washing will be the preferred and primary method of maintaining sanitary conditions.
---•Because we don't know where customer hands have been, gloved or not, our whole operation has gone touchless. This is includes not having buyers touch vehicle interiors during showings.

• Customers arriving on-site not pre-registered will be encouraged to register on their smartphone and then scan the barcode at a touchless check-in kiosk.
• For those technologically incapable, all supplies and surfaces that may encounter contact by the public such as clipboards are to be left in the provided buckets by customers, and will be sanitized by staff before re-use.
• The "deal table" has been modifed to permit only 1 buyer and 1 seller to sit six feet apart, and will be cleaned on regular intervals. This table may only be used when actively signing over a vehicle.
• All showings are fully attended by our staff as always, and buyers will be directed not to touch surfaces within the vehicle, but rather just to get in, get a feel for it, give it the “smell test”. Staff will pop the hood and start vehicles upon request. Masks are required to enter a vehicle during our staff-led showings.
• Sellers not comfortable with a prospective buyer entering at all despite the "touch-free" showing process, can simply select "No Keys" during online registration.

What we have found in our 23 years is that there are many different motivations for both buying and selling vehicles that makes it urgent and time-sensitive for different people. The bottom line is serious buyers are always buying, and at times like these and those to come, buyers often choose used Autos, Boats, Cycles, and RV's over new. Plus, at a time like this buyers don't want to visit a number of different houses or facilities, they just want to get it over with, and this is simply the most efficient and effective method for both buyers and sellers no matter what. We have seen this consistently reflected in extremeely high demand since re-opening, and as a local small business and fund raiser for the Sierra College Foundation, we genuinely appreciate the opportunity to play our part in restoring a sense of community, safely.

Click Register To Sell in the menu to sell now.

Display fee proceeds benefit scholarships, programs, and equipment through the Sierra College Foundation.
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